Small Paintings Gallery

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Spring Poppies II
Wildflower Hill, Highway 198 II
California Spring II
Santa Rosa Creek Rd Wild Flowers II
Coastal Poppies II
Lavender Blooms
Winter Sunset Mt Tam II
Dusk Over Sausalito IV
Winter Light on Mt Tam II
Black Mountain Above Nicasio
Stillness Lake Lagunitas II
Twilight on Rush Creek II
Grazing Alone
My Front Yard II
Great White Heron China Camp
Summer Morning Celebration
Red Bud Blooms II
Mt Tam from Sleepy Hollow Divide II
Summer Downpour Utah II
Evening Settles Over Rockies II
Summer Morning Celebration II
Last Light Nicasio II
Spirit Over Nicasio II
Whisper of Dusk Nicasio II
Lavender Blooms II
Summer Morning Celebration III
Paso Sunset II
Last Light on the Hills
Lucas Valley from Big Rock
Winter on Rush Creek
Fall Morning, Mt. Tam II
Summer Grasses, Napa
Mt. Tam from Lucas Ridge
Winter Glow, Mt Tam
Evening Light, Fairfax Hills
Spring on the Coast
Spring Mustard
Lagunitas Reflections
Winter Mustard, Napa
Down the Vine Rows
Fall Afternoon, West Dry Creek Road
Fall Light, Acacia
Two Days Before Spring
Winter in Carneros
Fall in Napa II
Winter Morning, Mt. Tam
Almost Winter, Azalea Hill
Evening Hills, Fairfax
Afternoon Shadows Lucas Valley
Spring on the Coast II
Winter in Carneros II
Winter Mustard, Napa II
Fall in Napa III
Fall Light, Acacia II
Dusk Over Sausalito III
The Moment II
Sailing Away II
Sunset Waves
Early Morning, Kauai
Red Ginger
Kauai Plumeria
Afternoon Meditation Big Island
Winter in Carneros III
Winter Mustard, Napa III
Fall Light, Acacia III